Values-Based Coaching and Development for Sustainable Change

Beth Levin MA, OTR/L
Leadership, Performance
Development Coach

With her ability to creatively engage the BEST in people,
to facilitate new perspectives, breakthroughs and creativity,
leading to substantive changes in thinking and performing.

Neuro-Linquistic Programming Licensed Practitioner (NLP)

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Development and Career Coaching

What are the keys to gaining a critical competitive edge in today's rapidly changing business climate?

They are (1) the skill to successfully navigate change, and (2) the ability to implement and sustain positive growth. Gaining the correct skills, knowledge and abilities effectively and efficiently is a critical competitive edge for today's rapidly changing organizations.

According to research, even top performers need help to reach their potential. Coaching assists the successful executive or manager to choose the right goals, identify the best methods to build their capabilities, and receive positive feedback and reinforcement. This support allows them to perform far more efficiently and effectively now and in the future.

As a coach Beth Levin provides a customized approach to accelerate the acquisition and expansion of core competencies. As an expert in development, she has deep understanding of adult learning and performance. At the foundation of her work is the recognition that " mentoring" rather than "teaching" clients is the most effective way of bringing about change. Beth draws on her extensive knowledge base to mentor and assist her clients to design their own focused learning and career development plans. Her methods often include action learning through experiential and experimental assignments that are supported by a thorough and effective evaluation component.

What Beth Will Do as Your Coach:

Establish a climate of trust and safety while eliciting key personal and professional values and drivers

Evaluate client needs and goals using a variety of formal and informal assessment processes

Partner with client to debrief, discuss strengths and weaknesses, and develop clear measurable goals

Identify additional stakeholders and methods to gather baseline evaluation from others

Identify appropriate career development goals

Co-create the development of a client action plan for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Assist client in determining the best mix of learning methods for their development

Assist client in gaining valuable, contextual feedback from key informants

Identify methods to celebrate progress and promote successes

Develop a range of strategies and key relationship development contacts, activities and resources

Be the ongoing catalyst for peak motivation

Encourage client to write a self-evaluation of progress and share it with leadership


Contact Beth by EMAIL or Telephone (619) 977-5309

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