Values-Based Coaching and Development for Sustainable Change

Beth Levin MA, OTR/L
Leadership, Performance
Development Coach

With her ability to creatively engage the BEST in people,
to facilitate new perspectives, breakthroughs and creativity,
leading to substantive changes in thinking and performing.

Neuro-Linquistic Programming Licensed Practitioner (NLP)

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"While preparing for our NLP session, I was impressed by Beth's thorough and insightful questions. She ensured that I was deeply relaxed prior to commencing the NLP exercise. I simply was more relaxed than I can recall ever previously being in any similar consultancy - or for that matter, therapeutic- circumstances, and I have no doubt this depth of relaxation was a significant contributor to the results achieved. While confidential, I can assure you these results were beyond my wildest expectations. If any reader of this unsolicited testimonial is considering business or personal coaching using NLP for any business or personal goal, (please note I understand that Beth's skills are not limited to these fields) I would have no hesitation in recommending her services."

Alan Patching One of Australia's Leading Speakers and Consultants, Co-author of Imprints for Success

"Beth, thank you for the recent NLP work. Although I'd had exposure to NLP, I was surprised when the issue we worked on was fixed INSTANTLY. That's the amazing thing about this work: negative feelings I had about my body image just vanished! Thanks so much.

Steve P.

"On the career front, Beth has been an invaluable sounding board and testing ground for my own ideas about my career. I can count on her to help me find clarity, confidence and ultimately success, on my own terms."

Mark Thomas
Top Sales Professional

"Beth is a keen listener and made me feel what I was doing was important and exciting. I finished my third book, which I could not have done on my own without her help in keeping me focused."

Viki Hurst,
Author of Let it Begin With You

"Beth helped me to focus and find creative ways to explore and get clear. She helped me tremendously with strategies and homework suggestions that really connected for me: writing power stories, "What I Value" cards and other eye-opening explorations."

Suzan Tusson-McNeil,

"I had the opportunity to work with Beth and use the tools of NLP. Our work provided insight into the issue I was dealing with by helping me work through some deep feelings and thoughts. With her guidance I was able to develop action steps that moved me onto the path I wanted to follow. Beth is caring, understanding and able to provide great enthusiasm and support. Beth also provided opportunities for follow up. Thank you Beth."

Kathie Chan
RN, Consultant and Community Volunteer.



Contact Beth by EMAIL or Telephone (619) 977-5309

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